Solar Bakpak

What´s Next?
The Solar baKpak 2019

The next step for baKpaKing is available now

I´m excited about this project, it has been a great adventure!

#HondurasSolarBakpak is a project to raise funds to help accomplished missions in Honduras, Guatemala and Haiti.

As you support us, I want to give you back this amazing Solar Bakpak 2019 with your donation you are helping me create new jobs in San Pedro Sula.

Have a blessed day!

Kennet Silva

Retail Price: $150 + $20(Shipping)

Solar bakpak 2019 3rd Generation includes:

  1. 15L baKpaK (Waterproof IP68)
  2. Solar Panel with 2000 mah Power bank USB Port (5W 5.5V)
  3. Unlimited direct charging solar power with USB
  4. Flexible waterproof LED strip light lamp USB cable up to 100 minutes with full power bank
  5. 3 in 1 USB charging cable (USB-b micro, USB-c and lighting port)

**If you are interested on buying more than +5 Bakpaks please contact me @













Social and Economic Development Project

Presenting HondurasSolarBakpak at the Organization of American States (OAS)