Mountain Evangelism & Food Distribution

Arizona Team

Coming together to bless the people of the La Laguna, Copan. This is a small village like 25 minutes away from Copan Ruinas, Honduras. It was a great adventure, coming door to door pray for people, invite them for church and provide them corn.

As in other countries in the area, Honduran food relies heavily on the use of corn (maize) as a basic ingredient.  Nearly all traditional recipies contain corn or foods made from corn.  The starting ingredient for all these is “masa” (literally “dough” or “mass”).

Amongst door to door witnessing they followed up with a community wide children’s celebration and crusade at the La Laguna church with a HUGE food drive by feeding 167 families. Praise God!!

We had a great time with the families sharing the LOVE of  Jesus Christ, now we are looking forward for the Kentucky Team!. Thank you everyone for your prayers! We believe that this community will never be the same!!

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